Evidence emerges of clandestine connections between Moscow’s efforts to sway America’s 2020 election and the Kremlin’s current aggression against Ukraine
The hazards of “popular counterintelligence” or how obsessive worry about espionage and subversion can subvert common sense
There’s nothing new under the sun, particularly when it comes to spies, lies, and self-deception
The current Russian advance in Ukraine, driven by artillery, should surprise nobody who’s acquainted with history – in fact, it’s happened before
Why the longest-running turncoat inside the U.S. Intelligence Community has been almost entirely ignored by the media
Determining what the U.S. Intelligence Community knew and when it knew it is frequently trickier than it seems
The Kremlin handover of the intelligence reins to the black bat Spetsnaz crew heralds a longer and nastier war
Ukraine has a powerful secret weapon in its war with Russia thanks to the Anglosphere’s Five Eyes intelligence alliance
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