Sitemap - 2021 - TOP SECRET UMBRA

The Top Ten Intelligence Stories of 2021

Harvard’s Big Chinese Spy Scandal Wraps Up

Is NSA Hiding the Dark Secret About the JFK Assassination?

The Kremlin Puts Its Cards on the Table with Ukraine

CIA: Trump Never Wanted to Win, You Know

The Unsolved Mystery of Iran Air Flight 655

An Update on MAGA Crazyworld and the Intelligence Community

Who Really Murdered Olof Palme?

The Unpleasant Truth About the Kremlin and Our 2016 Election Is Starting to Emerge

Don’t Worry, the Spooks Have Top Men on It…Top Men

How Trump Lost His Last Fight with the Deep State

The U.S. Navy’s Greatest Mystery

The 9/11 Mystery You’ve Never Heard Of

America’s Balkan Curse

Funkspiel Makes the Spy World Go Round

Russia’s Life-Threatening Attacks on American Spies Are Accelerating

Why We Need More Medical Intelligence, Stat

Everything Goes Better with Iron Felix

The Big 9/11 Question Nobody Wants Answered

A Crazy Spy Plot Reveals Ugly Geopolitics

The Spooks Punt on COVID-19

Our Real Intelligence Failure in Afghanistan

The Black Snake Devours the Biden Presidency

The Epstein Scandal and Intelligence: An Update

Harry, Joe, and The Bomb

Who Is Really Behind Tucker Carlson’s Invented NSA Scandal?

Tucker Carlson’s Inventive NSA Fable Implodes

Moscow’s Mice Games Keep Working

Defeat in Afghanistan and the End of American Hegemony

Counterintelligence is as American as Apple Pie

An Update on Canada’s Big Chinese Lab Scandal

NSA to Tucker: Drop Dead

There’s No Reason to Think NSA is Plotting to Take Down Tucker Carlson

The U.S. Military and the Perils of Wokeness

Stop Giving the ChiComs Easy Wins in the SpyWar

The Wilderness of Mirrors, Chinese Communist Coronavirus Edition

The Ukraine Deception and the Geneva Summit

Is Canada’s Mysterious Lab Security Scandal Connected to Covid-19?

Joseph J. Rochefort, the Priceless Advantage, and Victory at Midway

The Last Flight of BARON 52

Biden Passes the Coronavirus Ball to the Spies

Intelligence and the Debate About the Origins of Covid-19

The Intelligence Community Has Hoarders Too

Why is Biden Kowtowing to the Kremlin?

They Disappeared Without a Trace…Were They Spies?

As CIA Goes Woke, Will U.S. Intelligence Go Broke?

So, I Guess I Touched a Nerve…

How Many American Spies Have to Die Before We Do Something Here?

The Communists Who Poisoned America

Trump’s War Against the “Deep State” Has Officially Ended

War Clouds Over Ukraine: An Intelligence Assessment

Smolensk: The Continuing Mystery

Wokeness and the New Cold War

NATO’s Counterintelligence Crisis

Ethel Rosenberg Was Stalin’s Spy: Deal with It.

Hiss in VENONA: The Continuing Controversy

Iran’s Terror Plot on the Potomac

When China’s Golden Touch Kills

An Enduring Cold War Mystery

Getting Away with Murder, Saudi Style

LINK: The Greatest Intelligence Disaster in U.S. History

A Status Update on Our SpyWar with China

Hump Day Counterintelligence Update

SolarWinds, Mega-Hacking, and the Truth About NSA

Trump’s Last Move Against the “Deep State” Remains in Bureaucratic Limbo

Words Matter: Deciphering Donald Trump’s Secret Relationship with the Kremlin

Does MAGA Have a Father Gapon Problem?

Austria’s Big Russian Spy Scandal Gets Worse

The Espionage Dimension of Trump’s Last-Minute Pardons

Trump Makes One Last Move Against the “Deep State”

Answering Some of 9/11’s Unanswered Questions

“We Don’t Negotiate With Rebels”: An Intelligence Assessment of the Assault on the Capitol